Covid cases among health care workers have risen sharply. / sur

The number of Malaga province health care workers off sick with Covid rose from 98 to 520 in just two months

The CSIF union is calling for health professionals to be equipped with FFP2 masks and for patients with Covid to be segregated from the rest

Ángel Escalera

Five times as many health care professionals in Malaga were off sick with Covid at the end of April than at the end of February (the number rose from 98 to 520) and the CSIF union is calling for more measures to be taken to prevent the illness spreading among those working in the health care sector.

The number of positive infections in this sector quadrupled in the same period, from 701 to 2,698, coinciding with the increase in cases among the general public. Also, according to the union, many cases among the population are never reported, as it is up to individuals to take an antigen test and notify the authorities if it is positive, so the real figure must be much higher.

The CISF union is insisting that health workers need better protective equipment, and says they should use FFP2 masks instead of surgical ones because it has been scientifically proven that these offer a greater protection and are more durable. The union also says patients with Covid should be segregated from those without the virus, to further safeguard medical staff.

CISF says it knows that the current protocols have been drawn up to reflect the current phase of the pandemic and the relaxation of preventive measures, but the authorities should take into account the Law of Risk Prevention in the Workplace and the recommendations of the World Health Organisation for protecting workers in health care settings.

For this reason, the union is also calling on members of the public to be prudent and use a mask in places with little ventilation and no space for social distancing, because “the pandemic is not over yet”.