The airline is basing two planes in Malaga this winter. / salvador salas.

Norwegian to operate 100 flights a week between the Costa del Sol and Scandinavia this winter

The low-cost airline is now offering nine routes to Malaga Airport, thanks to a new connection with Sandefjord-Torp airport, south of Oslo

Pilar Martínez

The Norwegian airline company has announced that it is expanding its services on the Costa del Sol and has programmed 100 flights a week between Malaga Airport and Scandinavia this winter. The airline is now offering nine routes, thanks to the addition of Sandefjord-Torp airport, south of the city of Oslo.

There will also be return flights to Oslo-Gardermoen, Stavanger and Bergen as well as to Copenhagen and Gothenburg in Denmark and Helsinki in Finland.

Norwegian will be basing two of its planes in Malaga during this low season, and expects to base three there next summer. The airline has reported very positive figures for its operations to and from the Costa del Sol during the summer.

“Between the beginning of April and end of September, we transported 548,995 passengers to and from Malaga. In the same period last year the figure was 157,217, so there has been a year-on-year increase of 249%,” sources have said.

Pandemic figures

The figures are, however, still considerably lower than those in years before the pandemic. During the last normal year, 2019, between April and September, Norwegian transported 926,092 passengers to and from Malaga.

Norwegian, which employs 120 pilots and cabin crew, was the fourth-biggest low-cost airline in Europe in 2019, and the second in Scandinavia.