A new episode of hot terral wind could raise the mercury in Malaga province to an unseasonal 34C

A new episode of hot terral wind could raise the mercury in Malaga province to an unseasonal 34C

Aemet forecasts that maximum temperatures will climb again this weekend, especially in the Guadalhorce valley area

Tuesday, 10 October 2023


There is no respite from the heat in Spain. The extraordinary episode of high temperatures and lack of rain, which affects the whole of the country, will continue without any major changes until next weekend. Summer refuses to leave, despite the fact that autumn is trying to make its mark on the calendar, and the heat will continue to raise the thermometers to unseasonably high levels.

"From 29 September to 8 October, every day has been record high for its date. That is ten days in a row, something unprecedented in Spain since at least the 1970s of the 20th century," warned Spain's state weather agency (Aemet). The situation is such that in the Canary Islands an unusual step has been taken: to suspend classes tomorrow, Wednesday and Friday, at all educational levels due to the high temperatures that are affecting the archipelago.

In Andalucía the heat does not offer much of a let up either and in the case of Malaga province a new episode of hot terral wind could leave maximum temperature of up to 34C on Saturday, according to the current Aemet forecast.

The state agency points out that the towns of the Guadalhorce valley could be the most affected by this rise in temperatures. The highest temperatures (34 degrees) could be recorded in Pizarra, together with Cártama and Coín (33C), Álora and Alhaurín el Grande (32). The minimum temperatures, meanwhile, will also remain high, hovering around 20 degrees.

"There is a probability that we will have terral on Saturday 14th October in the usual areas of Malaga province. The maximum temperatures will be between 29 and 33 degrees where the westerly wind comes in from the land, while in other areas of the province the thermometers will be between 24 and 28 degrees," said José Luis Escudero on his SUR blog 'Storms and lightning' .

So much for the bad news. What's the good news?

After a long 'bridge' holiday weekend (from Thursday) marked by good weather, everything points to the blocking anticyclone retreating towards higher latitudes, which will mean a significant change in the weather in Spain. A new atmospheric pattern will cause a change to a more autumnal scenario with rain associated with Atlantic storms entering from the west. At the moment, Aemet forecasts a 75-80% chance of showers in Malaga at the beginning of next week. "From Monday onwards, the maximum and minimum temperatures will be more typical of the time of year ," said Escudero.

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