An Axiam minicoche / SUR

'Microcars' top of Three Kings wish list for teenagers in Malaga

The small vehicles do not need a car driving licence and are safer than mopeds, a 'microcoche' distributor in the city claims


Teenagers are asking the Three Kings to give them 'microcars' this year, small but expensive cars that do not require a car driving licence, just a category AM moped licence.

Sales of the petite vehicles have exploded this year, car dealers in Malaga report.

Registrations have grown in 2021 by 72.5 per cent with 226 units sold. Malaga accounts for 30 per cent of the entire Andalusian market and only Madrid and Barcelona surpass it in sales. At the national level, the Costa del Sol market accounts for almost seven per cent.

The boom is motivated by traditions such as a gift of a moped, but appears to be accelerated by a fear of public transport as a place to catch Covid-19 and by the fact that the 'minicoches' are safer to drive than motorcycles and mopeds.

Miguel Rebolledo, distributor of the Aixam marque in Malaga, Cádiz and Seville, said, "We are very surprised, after the pandemic, sales have skyrocketed well above 2019. People prefer to have their own car to avoid public transport."

The profile of who owns a 'microcar' has also changed. Previously, they were sold mainly to people aged 40 or more who do not have a car driving licence. Increasingly, buyers are aged between 15 and 18.

"First the trend was seen in the large European capitals and now it is in Malaga," said Rebolledo.

These vehicles are not however cheap and can cost from 9,500 euros to 17,500 euros, making the Three Kings very generous indeed.

“Many parents are buying them for their teenage children because they are safer than motorcycles,” Rebolledo added.