Young woman falls from moving car after being stabbed by boyfriend in Mijas on Costa del Sol

Young woman falls from moving car after being stabbed by boyfriend in Mijas on Costa del Sol

Spanish police are trying to locate the alleged attacker, believed to be British and with a history of violence in the UK, who may have fled via Gibraltar

Juan Cano


Friday, 14 July 2023, 08:25


Guardia Civil officers in Spain are searching for a British man for allegedly stabbing his girlfriend in Mijas. The victim then fell out of a moving car after being stabbed. Investigators are still unclear whether the alleged attacker threw her out of the vehicle or whether she jumped from it to escape.

The incident happened at the beginning of the week. The couple had been at a beach club on the Mijas coast and, when they got into the car, they began to argue. During the course of the dispute, the man allegedly stabbed the young woman in the thigh, and she then fell from the moving vehicle.

Immediately afterwards, the man fled the scene in the powerful car, but his whereabouts have so far not been located. There is speculation that he may have fled via Gibraltar.

Specialists at Mijas police station have already identified the individual. If his identity is confirmed, he is around 35 years old and has a long history of violence in the United Kingdom.

After the attack, the victim was rushed to the Costa del Sol hospital in Marbella, where she was admitted with a serious stab wound to the leg, as well as cuts and bruises resulting from the fall from the moving vehicle.

According to sources consulted, the Guardia Civil considered that she was at risk, given the alleged dangerousness of the individual, and maintained a surveillance guard during her stay in hospital. The young woman has now been discharged from hospital.

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