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Watch as road rage incident leads to knife chase in Fuengirola street

In the middle of an argument, the suspect went to his car in search of a bladed weapon with which he chased his victim to the doors of the Guardia Civil police station

Irene Quirante


Saturday, 19 August 2023, 21:40


A man has been arrested in Fuengirola for allegedly chasing another man with a knife after the two had an argument in the middle of the street, just a few metres from the town’s Guardia Civil police station.

The incident happened on Wednesday 16 August at around 5.40pm in Calle Mallorca. The incident was recorded by shocked eye witnesses.

During the argument, one of the pair, in an agitated state, went to his parked car. The suspect then began to rummage for something in his car, to which the other man shouted: "What are you going to get? Fight with your fists, with your fists".

In the video the man can then be seen giving chase with a knife. The victim ran straight towards the Guardia Civil building but did not go any further, as the alleged aggressor also stopped.

According to sources, the man who took the knife out of the car boot was arrested by police officers for a crime of threatening with a bladed weapon. According to the same sources, the background to the argument was a traffic dispute.

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