Waste collection lorry catches fire on early morning round in Fuengirola

The emergency services received about thirty calls to report the fire

Irene Quirante

Thursday, 23 February 2023

A municipal waste collection lorry was on its usual route when it suddenly caught fire on a residential street in Fuengirola in the early hours of Thursday morning. According to sources, early indications are that the fire was the result of a technical fault in the vehicle, although the circumstances surrounding how it happened are still being investigated.

Around thirty people contacted the emergency services at 1.40am to report that there was a rubbish vehicle on fire in Calle Romería del Rocío.

They became aware of the incident after hearing what appeared to be several «bangs» and observing a dense cloud of black smoke. Luckily, firefighters and Local Police were able to intervene and put out the fire in a matter of minutes.

No one was injured, municipal sources told SUR, although three cars parked on the road were partially affected by the fire, as well as the lorry itself, which was partly burned.


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