Two arrested after man who tried to pay for drugs with fake banknotes shot in face in Mijas

The pair were detained by police on the Costa del Sol and a property search uncovered the weapon involved in the alleged attack, as well as 100 counterfeit 50-euro notes

Raquel Merino


Monday, 30 October 2023, 15:34


Two individuals were seriously assaulted in December last year in Mijas. One of them suffered numerous beatings and the other was shot in the face. Almost one year later, and after an arduous police investigation, Guardia Civil officers have arrested the two alleged perpetrators of the brutal assault and managed to identify the one who allegedly fired the shot.

The incident happened at the Cerrado del Águila residential development in Mijas. The Guardia Civil headquarters in the town received a call alerting them of a shooting. When the officers arrived at the scene, they found two wounded men, one with a gunshot wound to the face with an entry and exit wound, and the other with a bloody face due to the beatings received.

An investigation was launched as part of the so-called Operation Cerrado, in which it was concluded that the two victims, of Cameroon nationality, had allegedly tried to buy drugs from the two now arrested men using counterfeit banknotes. When they realised the scam the pair started to assault them, reported the Guardia Civil in a statement. Although the two men managed to escape, one of them was hit in the face by a bullet as they fled.

Police investigators painstakingly worked to identify the attackers. Some months later, they managed to locate the two alleged assailants, who turned out to be two Spaniards with numerous previous convictions for similar acts, and they were arrested in Malaga.

During the property search, the short weapon used to wound one of the victims was found, as well as 100 counterfeit 50-euro notes and a variety of material with which they allegedly committed criminal offences, such as gloves, balaclavas and a homemade battering ram.

After both individuals were brought before a court the alleged person who fired the weapon was remanded in custody.

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