Maldonado (left) and González at Wednesday's council meeting. S. SALAS
Spanner in the works in Mijas council coup as Maldonado is made 'non-attached'

Spanner in the works in Mijas council coup as Maldonado is made 'non-attached'

It means the quick-to-swap-sides councillor could be left without a top job and salary under new PP mayor Ana Mata



Friday, 27 October 2023, 12:53


The political game of cat and mouse at Mijas town hall took on a new life this week which could disrupt the plain-sailing of the upcoming no-confidence vote in current mayor Josele González. And once again, the drama is centred on loner councillor and kingmaker Juan Carlos Maldonado, who was declared in Wednesday's council meeting as 'non-attached'.

Last week, councillors from the conservative PP party, the largest group, and Vox councillors joined with Juan Carlos Maldonado to form a majority to end the Socialist PSOE rule of Josele González. The no-confidence vote meeting is due on 2 November.

Juan Carlos Maldonado had given González power with his vote back in June, and now it is Maldonado taking it away again in the autumn, barely 100 days later. Maldonado stood in last spring's local council election for the Por Mi Pueblo party and became its only councillor. He has once been mayor of Mijas for Ciudadanos party in coalition with the PSOE before falling out with González.

Back in June, Por Mi Pueblo, unhappy Maldonado had partnered with González again, formally told the town hall, as the law requires, it was expelling its only councillor, forcing him to become non-attached ('no adscrito').

Amid the shock on the PSOE side of last week's no-confidence announcement, there has been time this week to get a report out of a bottom drawer from June from the council secretary confirming the non-attached status.

Change in status

The new status is important as the law aims to prevent non-attached councillors changing sides freely to support a new mayor with any promise of a better position, salary or other rewards.

Maldonado is still second deputy mayor under González and his declaration as non-attached had been held back as "non-urgent" by González's team from formal approval until Maldonado said he was deserting him.

The change in status from Wednesday this week means Maldonado many not benefit from any upfront promises of a paid role in the new town hall government of the PP's Ana Mata, who is expected to become mayor next week, helped by his vote.

The final twist: Por Mi Pueblo withdrew its June request to have Maldonado expelled ahead of this week's confirmation, welcoming him back. That party and the PP argue this week's decision in the meeting to make Maldonado non-attached is therefore invalid.

PSOE, who are potentially in their last days of power in Mijas, disagree and are not moving position. The matter could yet finish up in the courts.

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