Fuengirola mayor Ana Mula announces an action plan against drought. SUR
Scheduled water cuts on the cards 'soon' for Fuengirola if it does not rain 'almost immediately'
Drought crisis

Scheduled water cuts on the cards 'soon' for Fuengirola if it does not rain 'almost immediately'

Town mayor Ana Mula has asked people "to use water responsibly in our homes, workplaces and other public spaces" and revealed that the even the traditional planting of poinsettias at Christmas has fallen victim to the drought situation in Malaga province

Lorena Cádiz


Tuesday, 19 December 2023, 10:23


Residents in Fuengirola could soon face water cuts as the town launches an action plan against the ongoing drought crisis in Malaga province.

The town hall could not say when they would take place, only that "if it does not rain almost immediately" Fuengirola's water company Gestagua will start to carry out the cuts "soon". In any such situation, local residents will be informed in advance of the water cuts and "in detail" so that "daily life is affected as little as possible", mayor Ana Mula added.

It comes just days after the first actions where the water pressure had been lowered, allowing the municipality to save 20%. The reduction in pressure has also been applied to all municipalities along the Costa del Sol, but has been most noticeable in Fuengirola, as all the water resources of this municipality depend on Acosol.

"For some time now we have been warning that the lack of rainfall is generating a worrying situation in the reservoir that supplies all the water that reaches Fuengirola, the Concepción de Istán," Mula said. "We have taken decisions to reduce consumption by 20%, as required by the drought decree of the Junta de Andalucía. But it is still not raining and the reservoir level is already very low. Therefore, we are already preparing for a different scenario. We are obliged to do so," Mula added.

Among the measures that will be applied immediately or in the short term are to close all showers in municipal sports facilities; reinforce awareness campaigns; not to plant poinsettias in public areas, as has been the custom over the Christmas period; and to restrict water supply of large consumers.

In the medium term

Work is being carried out to implement a new water intake diversion in the upper area of the fairground to achieve a more effective redistribution of water supply. The higher areas of the town will be more affected by the drop in water supply than the lower areas. The council is also looking at the different underground water supplies that run through the town in order to "take boreholes to provide another source of water resources".

"The situation is becoming very worrying and we all have to do our part. Also in our homes. We must take extreme personal measures to use water responsibly in our homes, workplaces and other public spaces. I ask for the responsibility and exemplary behaviour that you have always shown when the situation has required it," Mula said.

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