Presentation of the Sabor a Málaga Fair in Mijas. SUR
Sabor a Málaga comes to Mijas this weekend with 36 producers from the province.

Sabor a Málaga comes to Mijas this weekend with 36 producers from the province.

The Plaza del Virgen de la Peña will host this event with numerous activities including tastings, workshops, performances and concerts, as well as three showcookings by local chefs

Lorena Cádiz

Thursday, 16 May 2024, 19:56


The Sabor a Málaga Fair comes to Mijas to showcase the richness of what is known as Malaga's larder. From Friday 17th May until Sunday 19th, the agri-food brand created by the Provincial Council of Malaga brings its fifth regional fair of the season to the Plaza Virgen de la Peña in Mijas Pueblo.

Specifically, 36 producers from around twenty municipalities in Malaga will travel to represent the gastronomic singularities of each of the regions. They will be selling and offering tastings of their products.

Mayor of Mijas, Ana Mata, presented the fair together with the director of Sabor a Málaga, Leonor García-Agua. The councillor explained that this is the second time that this fair has come to Mijas and that it is an event that promotes local products of guaranteed quality. "Mijas is the ideal place to hold this fair as it is the epicentre of the Western Costa del Sol. This event serves to promote responsible consumption and sustainable and local products, known as kilometre zero. At the same time, Sabor a Málaga is a great tool to support Malaga producers and promote employment," she said.

Local chefs will showcase the excellence of Mijas cuisine, this year they will beMariela Techera from El Jardín Secreto restaurant, Esteban Sedeño from Confusión restaurant and Fran Peinado from Alboka Gastro.

For her part, the director of Sabor a Málaga, Leonor García-Agua, explained that the programme consists of 25 activities including wine, cheese and honey tastings, workshops on the production of EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil), bread and olive oil products, among others. In addition, the Universidad Popular will be taking part with musical, dance, flamenco and theatre performances. All of this is rounded off with concerts by the Las Lagunas Musical Group and the Municipal Band.

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