Driver allegedly rams police car after leading cops on a 160km/h chase along the Costa del Sol

Driver allegedly rams police car after leading cops on a 160km/h chase along the Costa del Sol

The pursuit started after the suspect hurtled past a Guardia Civil patrol on the A-7 near Mijas

Irene Quirante / Juan Cano


Monday, 1 April 2024, 17:14


A driver who allegedly led police on a dangerous car chase along the Costa del Sol while driving at speeds up 160km/h and ramming a police vehicle has been arrested.

The 46-year-old Brazilian man allegedly overtook a Guardia Civil patrol at high speed on the dual carriageway at the Faro de Calaburra lighthouse in Mijas about 5.30am on 28 February.

The dark-coloured Ford Focus was driving with its warning lights on, leading officers to believe it may have been a medical emergency. They followed the vehicle in case he needed assistance, but then noticed the man was driving erratically and darting across lanes, according to sources.

The police officers switched on their vehicle's stop lights on, but that didn't make any difference, and the motorist allegedly drove faster instead. He took the first exit to Fuengirola, and a National Police crew then joined the pursuit.

Violent impact

The driver allegedly sped through the town, running through traffic lights, hitting parked cars and forcing other drivers to swerve out of harm's way. On reaching a roundabout, the motorist allegedly turned around to continue along the Paseo Marítimo Rey de España in the direction of Benalmádena, where police said he was driving at about 160km/h.

There, a National Police crew was waiting for him, with their vehicle parked across both lanes. However, according to sources, the driver accelerated and rammed the police vehicle, writing off both cars. The suspect then got out of the car and allegedly tried to run away, but was caught and arrested.

Two officers inside the rammed police patrol car required medical assistance, however, their injuries were not serious.

The suspect reportedly refused to do a breathalyser and drug test. According to sources, he did not have a valid driving licence.

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