The detainee, once on the ground, continued to strongly resist being handcuffed SUR

Police take down man smashing car windows with a stick in Fuengirola

Four officers were injured during a struggle to arrest the suspect in the Costa del Sol town on Thursday



Friday, 27 January 2023, 12:20


A man was arrested in Fuengirola on Thursday (26 January) after causing damage to several vehicles and trying to attack the police with one of the sticks he used to break the windows and damage the bodywork of the cars.

Police sources said that the man caused damage to more than seven cars during the incident at noon on Calle Boquetillo.

It was the individual's screams and the noise of the blows to the vehicles that alerted the residents of the area, who watched the scene unfold in astonishment.

The suspect, with a stick in each hand, was beating the cars parked on public roads while shouting the name of the President of the Government of Spain, Pedro Sánchez. Some of the residents of the area tried to get him to stop, saying that they were going to call the police, but the man ignored their pleas and continued breaking the windows of the cars while shouting abuse.


As can be seen in the video, National Police officers did not take long to appear at the scene. At first, two officers tried to approach the man, who they urged to stop. Given the suspect's reaction, two other officers ran towards their colleagues to support them, since the arrested man tried to push them away and intimidate them with the stick that he still had in one hand (the other broke while he was delivering blows to the cars). He ended up pushing one of the police officers with force.

The four policemen finally managed to subdue the man but they required medical assistance after the arrest, since the detainee, once on the ground, continued to strongly resist being handcuffed.

According to sources, the arrested person could suffer from some type of mental disorder.

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