One of the posters that has been put up in the area where the petrol station will be. SUR.
Mijas residents launch campaign to stop construction of 'unnecessary' petrol station

Mijas residents launch campaign to stop construction of 'unnecessary' petrol station

The locals have opposed the project for several environmental reasons, including its proximity to residential areas and three schools

Lorena Cádiz


Wednesday, 22 May 2024, 12:48

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Residents of the Mijas districts of La Campana, El Coto, Molinos de Viento and Sierrezuela have joined together in a neighbourhood platform to try to stop the work on the construction a petrol station being built on Avenida de Mijas. The group has opposed the project for several reasons, one of which concerns its proximity to residential areas.

“There are residents who will inhale petrol fumes from their balconies,” one of the platform's spokespersons, Sonia Menéndez, said. Furthermore, she claims this infrastructure is not necessary. “We have counted 17 petrol stations within a three-kilometre radius.”

Another concern is the fact that “in an area of less than 300 metres there are three schools, which will put children at risk of pollution from fossil fuels”.

Menéndez also pointed out that the infrastructure occupies part of a stream that runs down from the mountains to Fuengirola, so “if there is a spillage of fuel, it will reach our beaches”.

Although the works on the site began several weeks ago and are advancing at a considerable pace, the neighbourhood group believes there is still time to stop the project, which it says is “nonsense”, an “acoustic and visual inconvenience”, located next to land considered by them “one of the few green lungs left in Las Lagunas”. For this reason, “we have to fight it,” the spokesperson continued.

Work in progress.
Work in progress. SUR

The group has started a campaign on the platform, which already has 800 signatures, a figure that the platform hopes to increase considerably. To do this, the members of the group have begun to put up posters throughout the area denouncing the situation, and also highlighting it on social media. The group will also install information tables next to the Mercadona supermarket in Avenida de Mijas to continue collecting signatures for the petition.

"Nothing can be done"

Mijas town hall said that although it acknowledges this situation, and “despite understanding the residents' discomfort, unfortunately we cannot do anything”. Urban planning councillor, Lourdes Burgos, pointed out that the municipal licence was granted by the previous council to the company building the petrol station in July of last year. She highlighted the fact that the PGOU states that this land is for commercial use and therefore a petrol station is allowed. Also, although this new infrastructure occupies an area next to the stream, Burgos said “we have verified that they have authorisation from the correct department of the Junta de Andalucía”.

“We understand the inconvenience that the residents are reporting, but there is no legal argument to stop the project. We have checked all the documentation; we have sent surveyors to the area and everything complies with the regulations. When a licence is already granted, you cannot reverse the decision,” the councillor insisted. However, she did assure that once the petrol station is open, “the town hall will try to mediate and guarantee compliance with safety measures and noise regulations”.

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