Police stop a moped rider. SUR
Mijas cracks down on noisy motorcycles and mopeds

Mijas cracks down on noisy motorcycles and mopeds

Over the next six months the Local Police will carry out a series of random noise level checks



Friday, 13 January 2023, 13:58


Mijas town hall has equipped the local police with sound level meters to measure the noise emitted by vehicles travelling through the municipality. Over the next six months police will carry out a series of random checks. The officers will be accompanied by an engineer who, using a sound level meter, will measure the intensity at which vehicles emit noise. The campaign will focus on motorbikes and mopeds.

Engineer Antonio Aranda, who is in charge of these controls, said a microphone will be placed 50 centimetres from the vehicles’ exhaust pipe outlet. If the result exceeds what is allowed in the vehicle’s technical data sheet by four decibels, the police will immobilise the vehicle and issue a sanction.

The operation began on Wednesday 11 January. Mayor of Mijas, Josele González, said: "We are responding to a neighbourhood demand that will not only have an effect on those who are sanctioned in these controls, but will also act as a deterrent for all those who currently have a motorbike or moped and know that it does not comply with current regulations by emitting more noise than permitted in circulation."

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