Man found not guilty of Fuengirola murder after spending three years in prison

Man found not guilty of Fuengirola murder after spending three years in prison

The court considered that there was no evidence that the defendant actually killed the man, who died after being stabbed with a homemade spear

Irene Quirante


Tuesday, 13 February 2024, 13:46

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A man accused of killing another individual with a homemade spear in Fuengirola has been found not guilty after spending three years in prison over the alleged crime.

The defendant was released from jail after the jury issued its verdict in the provincial court of Malaga on Friday 9 February. The evidence presented at the trial, which started on Monday, was insufficient to charge the accused, who was represented by lawyer Miguel Angel Requena, from Torremolinos. The accused was facing a request for him to be locked up behind bars for 27 years for murder, causing minor injuries and possession of prohibited weapons, the latter being the only crime he was found guilty of.

The death, which has gone unpunished, happened in the early hours of 12 February 2021 in Fuengirola, after a 34-year-old man died within hours of being stabbed in the street with a homemade spear. A blade - some 24 centimetres long and four centimetres wide - was attached with tape to a metal pole.

According to the public prosecutor's office in its statement, seen by SUR, the defendant heard a fight coming from the street about 12.30am and emerged from his home carrying the weapon. He allegedly first attacked a neighbour, causing minor injuries to his ribs, before attacking another man who suffers from a slight mental disability. The victim stepped in to defend him which was the moment he was stabbed in the side, according to the court document.

However, these facts were not proven in the trial, which was plagued by contradictions in the versions of different witnesses, as well as there were no traces of the accused person found on the murder weapon, sources close to the case told SUR.

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