Gang of drug traffickers who stashed marijuana in car tyres busted in Mijas

Gang of drug traffickers who stashed marijuana in car tyres busted in Mijas

The gang would travel in a convoy of vehicles, where all but one car was transporting the drugs and the others would be on the lookout for police and act as decoys

Irene Quirante


Wednesday, 17 May 2023, 09:19


Police have busted a gang in Mijas who allegedly hid large quantities of marijuana in car tyres and transported it to other countries.

A farm in Mijas had become the centre of operations for the group, who used the 'go fast' method to smuggle the drugs across borders. The tactic involved the use of high-end vehicles with powerful engines to transport drugs, accompanied by a convoy of other cars whose purpose was to notify the lead driver about possible police presence and act as decoys.

The Guardia Civil dismantled the group arresting five of its alleged members and is investigating two others. The suspects are of Spanish, Ukrainian, Polish and Italian nationality.

The police investigation, dubbed Operation Alada, started after officers became aware of a farm in Mijas where the group was allegedly stockpiling marijuana before it was hidden in the car tyres. Once the drugs were hidden, they were transported to other countries in an attempt to avoid being intercepted at police checkpoints, Guardia Civil sources said.

Agents seized 1,670 kilos of marijuana buds, two scales, a packaging machine and packaging tools as well as a bag containing 967 emerald crystals with an approximate value of more than 500,000 euros.




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