Fuengirola town hall has been ranked top in the transparency initiative since 2017. T. Bryant
Fuengirola town hall stays top of transparency rankings

Fuengirola town hall stays top of transparency rankings

The Association of Public Transparency placed the Costa del Sol town first for the fifth consecutive year in an initiative that analysed more than 600 administrations from all over Spain

Tony Bryant

Thursday, 6 January 2022


Fuengirola town hall has triumphed once again in the ranking of transparency among the councils of Spain, as announced this week by the Association of Public Transparency (Dyntra), an independent entity which places the municipality at the head of the locations with more than 15,000 inhabitants.

Alongside the town hall of Pozoblanco (Cordoba), which received the same score, Fuengirola was placed first in the rankings, in which more than 600 administrations from all over Spain were analysed.

Mayor of Fuengirola, Ana Mula, explained that the resort, which has been ranked top in the initiative since 2017, had met 150 of the 162 indicators analysed, which included the Municipal Transparency section (90.77 per cent); Economic-Financial Transparency (100 per cent); Service Contracting (93.75 per cent), and Urbanism and Public Works (90 per cent), among others.

The ranking, puts Fuengirola above large capitals such as Barcelona (10th), Madrid (15th) and Seville (49th).

The town hall’s transparency portal, which can be accessed through its website, offers all kinds of information in areas such as municipal organisation, finance, economy and urbanism.

“This council is characterised by being an open and sensitive administration in which the people of Fuengirola play an indispensable part of the decision-making. We want them to be aware of all of our actions and we believe that transparency is the best tool for this. We will continue working along these lines, because, this way, we guarantee the well-being and future prosperity of this great town”, said the mayor.

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