Pericet, González and Rodríguez at the presentation. / SUR

Fuengirola theatre company presents 1,130 euros to local fibromyalgia charity

The money was raised in March at two performances in aid of Apaffer, an organisation that supports families of patients with the medical condition

Tony Bryant

The Muñoz Seca theatre company of Fuengirola presented a cheque for 1,130 euros to the Association of Patients with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue and other Rheumatic Diseases (Apaffer) in order to help the charity to continue the social work it carries out in the Fuengirola area.

The money was raised at two theatrical performances the group, whose members are all senior citizens, gave at the Casa de Cultura at the end of March.

The cheque was presented to Mercedes González, the president of Apaffer , at a ceremony attended by the councillor for Social Welfare and Families, Rocío Rodríguez, and the director of the theatre company, Concepción Pericet.


Pericet praised the work that the organisation does for patients with fibromyalgia - a medical condition defined by the presence of chronic widespread pain, fatigue and depression - saying that “the members of the theatre group are here to help all associations that need it”.

“It is wonderful that our collectives help each other and that they perform acts of solidarity such as helping an entity like Apaffer, which does so much for our residents,” councillor Rodríguez added.