Councillors Carrasco and Hidalgo launch this year’s glass recycling campaign. / SUR

Fuengirola glass recycling campaign targets bars and restaurants

The initiative offers a free door-to-door collection service, a project in which more than 200 establishments are already participating

Tony Bryant

Local councillors in Fuengirola are visiting the town’s catering establishments to ask for their collaboration in a campaign to recycle glass, an initiative that is promoted by Ecovidrio.

Last summer, Fuengirola won the Green Igloo award by being among the ten Andalusian municipalities that recycled the most glass. The town hall is hoping to increase its status by receiving the Green Flag this year, which is presented to the top two of the 40 Andalusian municipalities that participate in the campaign.

The award is presented by Ecovidrio, a non-profit organisation responsible for the management of the recycling of glass packaging waste in Spain.

The campaign was launched by the councillor for Urban Ecology, Antonio Carrasco, and the councillor for Cleaning, Javier Hidalgo, who explained that the local hotel and catering sector generates 51 per cent of the glass that is recycled each year.

The recycling project offers a free door-to-door glass collection service, an initiative in which more than 200 establishments are already participating. The free service includes the installation of containers, which are emptied several times each week.

“Our town always stands out for being one of the municipalities that recycles more selective waste and that is why we want to ensure that Fuengirola is recognised once again as one of the municipalities that is most committed to recycling. I am sure that this Green Flag will come to Fuengirola this year,” Hidalgo said.