The town's mayor, Ana Mula (c) with the new award. SUR
Fuengirola becomes first resort in Europe to achieve skin cancer awareness and prevention certification

Fuengirola becomes first resort in Europe to achieve skin cancer awareness and prevention certification

In order to gain the 'Ciudad Soludable’ seal of approval, the town hall implemented several initiatives aimed at municipal workers, residents and tourists

Tony Bryant


Friday, 31 May 2024, 10:46


Fuengirola has become the first destination to receive the ‘Ciudad Soludable’ quality certificate, a seal of quality and safety granted by the Costa del Sol University Hospital that identifies and recognises those companies, institutions or organisations that promote and apply healthy policies and practices for sun exposure and skin cancer prevention through their services and products.

The presentation of this distinction, which the council said is a kind of Q for quality, but on the issue of protection against the sun, was attended by the town’s mayor, Ana Mula, the manager of the aforementioned hospital, Antonio Cansino, as well as the director of this health project and head of the dermatology service, Magdalena de Troya.

“Five years ago, we started this exciting project, which was proposed to me by Magdalena de Troya, with the passion that characterises her, and of which I have backed from the first moment. We have turned Fuengirola into the first municipality to receive this distinction in Spain, and in Europe,” Mula said.

The mayor added that the awarding of this seal reaffirms the commitment of the town hall to the health and well-being of its inhabitants, employees and tourists, and positions the municipality at the head of the locations in Europe committed to photoprotection.

The award ceremony was attended by professionals of the tourism industry.
The award ceremony was attended by professionals of the tourism industry. SUR

The presentation was also attended by professionals of the tourist industry, the drone surveillance and rescue and lifeguard services, the Spanish cancer association (AECC), the public ports agency (APPA), as well as other workers in other beach-related services.

To achieve this seal, the council has implemented several measures, among them, its Healthy Sun Exposure, Photoprotection and Skin Cancer Prevention Policy, which was developed within the occupational risk prevention plan aimed at municipal workers, residents and tourists and those who work in the municipality’s tourism sector.

Implementing new measures

The town hall has also adapted the schedules of municipal workers to avoid the hours of greatest risk of harmful UV rays. Another measure implemented has been the installation of totems to inform residents, visitors and their municipal staff of the solar ultraviolet index (UVI) throughout the year; as well as the most appropriate sun protection measures for each level of the index.

The municipality has also implemented a project to improve shade in schools, parks and gardens, with an emphasis on shaded areas adapted for people with reduced mobility. As part of these plans, the municipal authority has also increased the number of trees and vegetation in outdoor spaces.

Another of the measures implemented has been an increase in drinking water fountains, showers and sun cream dispensers for users of public spaces, as well as personal protective equipment for municipal workers. In addition, the council has carried out staff training sessions on healthy sun exposure, photoprotection and prevention of skin cancer.

The origin of this initiative dates back to 2019, when several cases of sun damage were detected among municipal workers in Fuengirola who work outdoors. Faced with this worrying situation, the council decided to take preventive measures and requested the help of the dermatology service of the Costa del Sol University Hospital. In March of that same year, both entities signed a collaboration agreement that established the basis for a campaign that included training for workers, evaluation of occupational sun exposure and skin check-ups, among other things

The town hall said, “This objective has been achieved thanks to the implementation of healthy photoprotection policies and practices that cover all citizens, thus becoming a model of health and quality of life for all people who reside in or visit the municipality.”

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