Owners and their pets relax on the Playa Castillo in Fuengirola. / sur

Fuengirola aims to become top pet-friendly destination of 2021

Fuengirola was voted the third best, pet-friendly destination in Spain in 2020 and it is the only town in Andalucía included in the 11 destinations selected for this year’s awards


Fuengirola has once again been selected as a candidate for the Premios Travelguau best national pet-friendly destination of 2021.

The award scheme is an initiative that emerged in 2017 with the aim of encouraging relationships with animals and with a special emphasis on pet-friendly tourism.

Since 2014, Fuengirola has carried out numerous actions to make the town more attractive for pet owners. It currently has seven canine zones, and a dog-friendly beach on the Playa Castillo, which has a shower and drinking fountain specifically for dogs. Fuengirola, which has more than 15,000 registered pets, was also one of the first towns in Andalucía to allow dog access on urban public transport.

The town hall promotes campaigns in schools to educate children about animal care and the responsibility of ownership as well, and encourages adoption by covering all the necessary veterinary fees.

Fuengirola, which was voted third best, pet-friendly destination in Spain in 2020, is the only town in Andalucía included in the 11 destinations selected for this year’s awards.

Digital guide

In order to bolster its services to pet owners, the tourism department has produced a new digital guide to inform visitors about the different public places dedicated to pets, along with a list of establishments that admit the entry of pets, such as hotels and bars. https://turismo.fuengirola.es/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/211105-BIENVENIDOGS-ESPA%C3%91OL.pdf

Councillor for Tourism, Rodrigo Romero said; "Fuengirola is a pioneer in the implementation of initiatives to integrate pets into daily life. Our destination is increasingly known among animal lovers for the services we offer them."

Voting takes place until 30 November.