The school in Los Boliches is one of the latest to benefit. / sur

Fuengirola council continues project to cover at least one sports court at each school

The works are finished at six of the town's 11 schools and the contract for the seventh is about to be put to tender


Fuengirola council is proceeding with its plan for every school in the municipality to have at least one covered sports court, and so far the works have been completed at six out of the 11 schools in the area.

The mayor, Ana Mula, says this has been a costly but beneficial move because it means pupils have better facilities and also somewhere in the shade to exercise in hot weather and dry when it rains.

The most recent works were at Los Boliches school, which took 74 days and cost 358,281.08 euros, and El Tejar, which cost 360,819.87 euros and took the same time to complete. These works and those to be carried out at the Cervantes school, for which the contract is about to be put to tender, will have cost the council 1,119,000 euros in total.

However, Ana Mula insisted the expense has been worth it. The projects are “a legal and moral obligation” for the council, she said, and schools and parents have been calling for them to be carried out for some time.