Club vice-president Neil Hesketh (l) and Antonio González. / K. SMALLMAN

Costa Press Club screens 'lost' film showing life in rural Andalucía

El Pueblo was shot by an Australian film crew in 1981 but the villagers had not seen the documentary until it was rediscovered recently


An event organised this week by the Costa Press Club and hosted by Mijas Town Hall in La Cala de Mijas saw the first public showing on the Costa del Sol of a 1981 film, rescued from archives by Antonio Javier González, a social and cultural researcher at the University of Cadiz.

The film from an Australian crew, entitled simply El Pueblo, was commissioned by the New Zealand government for use in schools to show pupils how people lived in other countries. Until recently it had not been seen in Spain even by the villagers in Villaluenga del Rosario who featured in it. After showing the film, González discussed the making of it and his investigation with Neil Hesketh, vice president of the Costa Press Club, and answered questions from the audience.