The information panels line the seafront. M. Rivas
400 years of diplomatic history on Fuengirola's promenade

400 years of diplomatic history on Fuengirola's promenade

The town is hosting an exhibition promoting the 48 consulates in Malaga province which will be on show until 14 May

Marina Rivas


Friday, 21 April 2023, 13:37


The promenade in Fuengirola now features 24 large display boards as part of an exhibition marking '400 years of consulates in Malaga'. The boards contain information and images showing the history of the 48 consulates in the province, 34 of which are in Malaga city.

Fuengirola was the chosen location for the exhibition as it is base for Denmark, the first country to establish a consulate in Malaga in 1641.

The exhibition celebrates one of the key things that defines Malaga: its multiculturalism. Many internationals now choose Malaga as their new home, holiday destination or business location, and this exhibition aims to honour those who have contributed to building these international relations over the past 400 years.

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