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Mercadona shops locally: these are the major Malaga suppliers the Spanish supermarket chain uses

Mercadona shops locally: these are the major Malaga suppliers the Spanish supermarket chain uses

Firms in the province supply supermarket branches with bread, mangos, avocados, smoked salmon, meat and other top-selling items

Nuria Triguero


Monday, 3 October 2022, 18:45

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The Mercadona supermarket chain in Spain has just announced that it will no longer be baking its own bread, and we know that three companies in Malaga will be supplying the shops in the province: Mollete San Roque, Mondat and Hermanos La Chica. In fact, this is not surprising at all: quite a few local businesses already supply Mercadona and last year the chain paid out 882 million euros for their products, an increase of 9% compared with 2020.

Ubago Group Mare: smoked salmon

Mercadona’s Mar del Norte smoked salmon comes from the Ubago Group Mare, which is based on the Malaga TechPark. Between this and its other factories, the firm processes 55,000 tonnes of fish products a year. Mercadona is its biggest client, but it also exports much of its production.

Moreno Plaza: meat products

The Moreno Plaza company began in Alhaurín el Grande in 1915 and it now supplies Mercadona with one of the supermarket’s most popular products, meat and bones which are sold to make the soup known as ‘puchero’. Mercadona also buys other meat products from the same firm.

Famadesa and Prolongo: 'salchichón' sausage

The two biggest meat producers in the province supply one of their star products, the Malaga ‘salchichón’ sausage to Mercadona.

Avocados from the Axarquía

Between January and May this year Mercadona bought 8,000 tonnes of avocados from firms in La Axarquía including José Luis Montosa, Trops, Provelpack, Alcoaxarquía, Exceltrop, Sigfrido, Axarfruit and Tropical Millenium.

Mangos from the Axarquía

Mercadona has bought more than 2,800 tonnes of this sub-tropical fruit from local producers this year: SAT 2803 Trops, Provelpack, Frutas Montosa, Tropical Millenium, Tropical Miranda, Sweet Fruits and Exceltrop.

Frutas Montosa: guacamole

All the guacamole sold by Mercadona (which is a lot) is made by Frutas Montosa in Vélez-Málaga. The company, which began in 1982 and now employs over 300 people has a turnover of 140 million euros a year.

Grupo San Roque: baps and breadsticks

Mollete San Roque is the biggest producer of baps (molletes) in Andalucía, which it sells in protective packaging to Mercadona. The same group also supplies packs of white and wholemeal breadsticks.

Mondat: wholemeal sandwich loaves

Mondat, based in Monda, is one of the biggest bakeries in Andalucía, able to produce 4,000 kilos of bread and 2,000 kilos of pastries an hour. It started to supply Mercadona a few months ago, mainly with the wholemeal sandwich loaf.

Hermanos La Chica: baps and breads

Hermanos La Chica, a family business in Manilva, has been supplying Mercadona with baps and other types of bread for years. It has more than 600 clients in Andalucía, and employs 30 people.

Cerealto Antequera: sliced bread

The Cerealto Antequera factory produces different types of sliced bread for Mercadona’s Hacendado brand. It was originally part of Bimbo and was bought by Siro in 2009, then Ceralto in 2017 and in 2019 it became part of the Italian Morato Pane company, which kept this part of the business under its existing name.

Acotral: transport

Acotral isn’t a supplier of goods but provides an essential service to Mercadona by transporting the goods to the branches of the supermarket. Founded in 1970, this family business is now a leading haulier in Spain and abroad, with 3,750 employees, 2,660 vehicles and a turnover of 301 million euros in 2020.

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