Mercadona is an important driver of the economy in Andalucía. / sur

Mercadona continues to grow in Malaga, where it invested over 21 million euros last year

The company says it bought goods worth over three billion euros from Andalusian suppliers in 2021


Spain's Mercadona supermarket chain invested 21.3 million euros in Malaga province last year and reduced its CO2 emissions by 2,600 tonnes, according to figures just released for 2021. The investment enabled the company to continue growing with an increasingly more efficient and sustainable business model.

The investment in Malaga was mainly to improve some of the Mercadona stores. It opened two new supermarkets and modernised three others. Altogether, the company has 85 supermarkets in the province and employs 5,236 staff. Its purchases from local suppliers rose to 882 million euros last year, which was 9% higher than in 2020.

At a regional level, Mercadona invested 140 million euros in Andalucía last year. It also incorporated important improvements which enabled it to reduce its CO2 emissions in the region by 5,300 tonnes compared with 2020, thereby minimising its direct emissions of greenhouse gases in supermarkets and its logistics network as well as indirect emissions deriving from the purchase and consumption of electricity in its stores, logistics network and offices.

Mercadona ended last year with 350 stores in Andalucía, of which 230 were of the new efficient model. The company bought goods worth over three billion euros from Andalusian suppliers, and is one of the biggest drivers of the economy in the region.