The scene of the fatal stabbing, in June 2022. SUR
Young man and his father found guilty of stabbing mother's boyfriend to death in Marbella

Young man and his father found guilty of stabbing mother's boyfriend to death in Marbella

A jury reached the decision unanimously, with the pair now set to learn their sentence which could be up to 25 years behind bars

Irene Quirante


Tuesday, 23 April 2024, 15:37


A 30-year-old man and his father have been found guilty of fatally stabbing his mother's boyfriend to death in Marbella.

The jury was unanimous in its decision and handed down its verdict last Friday 19 April, with the court to now determine a final sentence. According to the verdict, it was proven there was proof of a bad feeling between the defendants and the victim throughout the trial, which started on Monday 15 April at the provincial court of Malaga.

The jury considered that it was due to the relationship the deceased man had started with the mother of one of the defendants and ex-wife of the other. The hostility forced the woman and her boyfriend to move temporarily to Ojén, as they had all lived together in the same building in the Miraflores neighbourhood in Marbella, the court heard.

The stabbing incident happened on 15 June 2022 about 1.40pm when the prosecution and the private prosecution - led by Lourdes Álvarez Laube, of Triuve Abogados - argued a pre-planned attack was carried out. The victim went to his former home and the defendants, who saw him, decided to wait for him in the vicinity of the doorway with the intention of carrying out the crime, according to the jury's verdict. As soon as he opened the door, the father pushed the victim, while the son stabbed him.

The victim walked some 53 metres until he collapsed, having been stabbed in the heart. The son was convicted as the perpetrator of the murder and the father as a necessary co-operator. The public prosecution is demanding they be imprisoned for 17 years and to pay compensation to the children. Meanwhile, the private prosecution wants the pair locked behind bars for 25 years and to compensate the victim's sisters.

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