This is the shocking moment thieves tried to steal a luxury watch from a woman in Marbella

Two young people prevented the theft of the timepiece from being successful after hearing the victim's cries for help in San Pedro Alcántara


Monday, 11 July 2022, 15:04


It happened in broad daylight in San Pedro Alcántara. Two women were approached in the middle of the street by two individuals who hid their faces using motorcycle helmets, masks and sunglasses. The attacker used great force to try to steal the luxury watch that one of the victims was wearing on her wrist.

It happened on the afternoon of 6 July, at around 4pm. But the robbery attempt was frustrated thanks to the action of two young people, who did not hesitate to intervene when they heard the screams of the women. Both had fallen to the ground and pleaded for help while one of the thieves continued to pull at the watch of one of them.

While one of the alleged thieves struggled with the woman, the other remained a few metres on a getaway motorcycle. The attacker was violently shaking the victim, trying to take her watch, until the two young people who came to her aid scared him off. He quickly got on the motorcycle that his companion was riding, and both fled the scene, but without the expensive timepiece.

According to SUR sources, the attempted robbery using the 'tug' method has prompted a police investigation that remains open after the victim reported the incident at the station.

Images of the attempted theft have been widely shared on social media networks by the profile Marbella Se Queja, in which several followers have complained about the proliferation of actions related to the theft of high-end watches on the Costa del Sol.

On 21 June, three individuals were arrested in Puerto Banús after they attacked a French tourist and yanked his watch, a replica valued at 16,000 euros from the CVSTOS brand, from his wrist.

On that occasion, the collaboration of a taxi driver who helped the victim was essential for the police to catch the thieves, since the driver followed the thieves and gave directions until the individuals were eventually arrested.

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