The rescue operation in Puerto Banús / SUR

Young black vulture is rescued by paddle boarder in Puerto Banús

The bird is believed to have become tired during its first migration flight and fell into the sea


A young vulture that had fallen into the sea in Puerto Banús last Friday was rescued by a young paddle boarder. The man spotted the animal and managed to get it onto his board to carry it to the safety of a breakwater at the Muelle de Honor, before calling 112 to alert the Local Police. From there the vulture, which weighed seven kilos as was just a few months old, was taken to the Centre for the Recovery of Endangered Species (CREA) in Malaga.

Following the Junta de Andalucía’s protocol, the vulture underwent a series of tests and samples were taken to rule out any underlying illness. The results were favourable according to staff at the CREA, who explained that the black vulture, whose species is classified as vulnerable in the Spanish Catalogue of Threatened Species, had no fractures or other injuries.

The bird, born this year, was in good physical condition and hydrated and, according to the specialists, had probably begun the process of migration. However, due to its age and inexperience, had become tired during its flight, which is why it would have fallen into the sea. The bird is healthy and once an observation period is over, it will be reintroduced into its natural habitat.