Trees being pruned in calle Camilo José Cela / David Lerma

Marbella presents pruning plan for 30,000 trees

It will be carried out over the next five years and has been designed to focus on each species depending on the season in which it needs maintenance


Marbella’s councillor for Parks and Gardens, Diégo López, has presented a new pruning plan for the care and maintenance of 30,000 trees in the town. "It is the most ambitious we have had in this area and aims to further consolidate Marbella as the urban forest of the Costa del Sol". In the last four years around 22,000 trees have been pruned; a figure that is set to increase.

The councillor highlighted that the plan follows "the criteria of the municipal technicians and is carried out at the right time for each species, which is why it now focuses on the removal of the dry branches, as well as the ficus trees that make pedestrian and road traffic impossible". He also pointed out the impact they have on street lighting.

He went on to explain that the town hall is “applying the rules imposed by the European Union so that pruning is carried out when strictly necessary and the trees are perfectly cared for" and added that "this line of work also includes regular treatments and a planting plan which has already led to the planting of 1,300 trees of the more than 2,000 we have set ourselves as a target".

The plan is supported by five teams made up of five pruners and ten workers who, as Eloy Ortega, who is responsible for parks and gardens at the town hall, pointed out, "have obtained a series of European certifications so that the work is carried out in accordance with the established criteria".