An archaeologist working on the recovery shows one of the ovens. / JOSELE

Storms unearth two ovens from Roman times in San Pedro Alcántara

Specialists are working on the site to determine what needs to be done for the correct treatment and conservation of the remains


Strong storms that hit the coast recently have uncovered a pleasant surprise in Marbella. The wrath of the waves unearthed two ovens, presumably from Roman times, in the dunes of El Ingenio, in San Pedro. Work will be done to put measures in place for the conservation of the remains.

The regional government's Culture department said it received several calls as the remains began to surface near the paleochristian basilica of Vega del Mar. Upon initial inspection of the remains, two ovens were identified, one in very good condition.

Work continued on Monday morning with the Culture delegate from the Junta de Andalucía, who is giving instructions on how to properly manage the findings.

Also in the vaults

The vaults at the Vega del Mar Roman site were also inspected after the surroundings were affected by the bad weather.

The main structure has not suffered damage, but one of the walls in the perimeter and an adjacent building that protects the thermal baths were knocked down.

In 1991, various Roman structures that belonged to a fish salting factory from 2BC. and a necropolis with 40 bodies were found. After the discovery, the remains were covered up and have stayed that way for 30 years.

The area is used by fishermen in San Pedro as a dry dock, something that local organisations Cilniana and San Pedro Alcántara 1860 have denounced.

A 2018 study commissioned by the Costa s water company initially confirmed the existence of archeological remains south of the paleochristian basilica, where the two ovens were unearthed.