File photograph of a National Police checkpoint on the Costa del Sol. SUR
Car crashes out-of-control in Marbella following 200km/h police chase from Estepona

Car crashes out-of-control in Marbella following 200km/h police chase from Estepona

The vehicle flipped over several times after trying to leave an A-7 exit at speed. Two young men were eventually arrested, despite trying to flee the scene on foot


Monday, 8 November 2021, 18:18


National Police officers have arrested two men in Marbella after a high-speed car chase on the Costa del Sol, in which the suspects’ vehicle clocked more than 200 kilometres per hour, before crashing out-of-control and rolling several times.

The incident happened at dawn last Saturday, 6 November, after the force set up a random vehicle checkpoint in Estepona. Allegedly, the 26-year-old driver refused instructions to stop and, instead, put his foot down and made several evasive manoeuvres, fleeing along the A-7 towards Marbella, reaching speeds of over 200 kilometres per hour.

Several police officers chased after the suspects but the driver of the fleeing vehicle lost control of his car, which crashed and rolled several times, after taking an exit towards San Pedro de Alcántara at speed.

With some difficulty, the occupants abandoned the vehicle in an attempt to continue their escape on foot. Police sources said that one of them was intercepted by officers just a few metres from the scene. After other units were alerted, the other suspect was found hiding in the garden of a house in Avenida de Burgos, Marbella.

Both suspects were treated by the health services for their injuries sustained in the crash. After being fully identifiedn by police officers, they were both arrested as allegedly being responsible road safety crimes. In addition, one of the young men had an arrest warrant against his name for a previous offence.




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