Seven million euros destined for green spaces in Marbella

Seven million euros destined for green spaces in Marbella

Among a dozen projects planned are the overhaul of the El Juanar park, the reforestation of El Pinillo and the new Xarblanca green zone



Friday, 6 May 2022, 13:56


This year, the Marbella Town Hall's Works department is allocating 6.84 per cent of a budget of over 100 million euros to a dozen projects aimed at refurbishing and improving the town's parks and gardens, including Xarblanca and El Juanar. It also plans to reforest other green areas of the municipality such as the Finca El Pinillo and the Guadalpín area.

Around 70,000 euros have been set aside for the projects, some of which are already under way, which include the creation of new recreational areas and the planting of trees and flowerbeds in public spaces such as the Mateo Álvarez roundabout where a large Chorisia speciosa tree has been placed. The Arias de Velasco roundabout, which was started and never finished, will also be completed. The work has been given to a local company from San Pedro Alcántara and it should be ready in about a month and a half.

The complete overhaul of the park in Calle Juanar, on which work began in November, aims at making it a spacious green lung in one of the most populated areas of Marbella.

The park is over forty years old and there is a budget of 700,000 euros to make it ready for the summer. Besides paths, recreation areas and children's playgrounds, the beds will be re-planted with a variety of trees, plants and shrubs and the access will be improved.

More trees are also going to be planted at the Xarblanca macro park. It will also have sports areas, children's playgrounds, pedestrian routes and parking.

The two other major projects planned are the reforestation of the Finca El Pinillo estate and the environmental restoration of the Guadalpín stream.



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