Marbella fire officers talk to school children about saving lives and bullying Josele
Save a life: a comic book for children to learn CPR with Marbella’s fire brigade

Save a life: a comic book for children to learn CPR with Marbella’s fire brigade

The publication also teaches youngsters how to recognise and tackle bullying at school

Joaquina Dueñas


Tuesday, 2 May 2023, 16:34


Laura, a 12-year-old student at the Guadalpín secondary school in Marbella, is clear: "If someone faints in front of me, I would call 112 so that an ambulance can come", she explained. However, she admitted that she does not know how to perform CPR. Fortunately though she said she has never had to deal with such a situation, nor has she ever experienced bullying. "If I saw it, I could intervene or tell the teachers or the parents," Laura said.

Along with Laura around one thousand students took part in an event organised by Marbella’s Professional Association of Firefighters on Thursday 27 April to teach pupils how to react to a cardiorespiratory arrest. To this end, a comic book, 'Save a life', has been created, which in a graphic, simple and attractive way shows the steps to follow.

José Pérez Bellido, president of the association, says that this latest events comes after the cardioprotection campaign they carried out in all the towns schools between 2018 and 2020: "We did a pilot test to give classes to the children as well as the teachers and we saw that the first aid course was very well received". That was what inspired them to come up with the comic, which is intended go alongside the explanations given to the children in the workshops.


The other part of the project is related to bullying. "At the beginning of the second part of the course, one of the girls said, to our surprise, that she was 'useless' and 'wouldn't be able to do CPR'. These words shocked them so much that they became interested in the child's situation. They discovered that she was a victim of bullying and decided to tackle it in the initiative. "We praised her, we empowered her and she was the best of the year", said Pérez Bellido.

Physical and emotional health have come together in this initiative with the collaboration of Macarena Requena, an educational psychologist who stresses that the key to ending bullying lies in "empathy". She said, "There are many children who suffer bullying and the long-term consequences are devastating.”

However, she acknowledged that there are those who do it without realising it’s bullying "That is why it is so important to put ourselves in the other person's shoes," Requena explained, also highlighting the importance of the role of "those who do nothing. Bullying is the responsibility of the whole community," she added.

Charity comic

The day included theoretical and practical explanations with theatre and rap music created specifically by Pablo Gómez who, advised by Doctor Ángel Gálvez, created catchy lyrics with the main steps: ask for help, check vital signs and start resuscitation.

The comic is also being sold to raise funds for charity and is on sale for five euros. The proceeds will go to the associations Debra Piel de Mariposa and Somos tu Ola.

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