The lights switch-on of the San Pedro Fair. /JOSELE

The lights switch-on of the San Pedro Fair. / JOSELE

San Pedro Alcántara Fair returns after two-year hiatus due to the pandemic

The new location for the seven-day event has been hailed as a great success by partying locals


There was massive expectation among the local people of San Pedro Alcántara as their fair was inaugurated on Monday, 17 October, for the first time after a two-year hiatus imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Crowds were drawn by curiosity to see the new fairground locaton at La Caridad, the estate of the infamous and corrupt former head of planning Juan Antonio Roca, even before the seven-day event was officially opened.

The locals have been commenting on the new site and the spaciousness of the streets at the new grounds. One, Antonio, who has lived in San Pedro for 20 years and who is a regular fair-goer said: “This year is really fantastic. Compared to other years it is very impressive.”

Antonio was particularly keen on the new location which he said had good car parking and did not interfere with other activities in the town “because it is separated from everything and it is close at the same time. They've had a lot of vision in putting the fair here. I think Marbella should copy this,” he added.

Before the Pregón de la Feria (the official announcement of the opening of the feria) the kings and queens were crowned: Paqui Cuevas, María del Rosario Muñoz, Manuel Morito and Antonio Moreno. This year the popular queen was Guillermina Álvarez who was named at event held at the senior citizens´ centre.

After fireworks at La Salida beach, Paco Mancilla and Pedro Ortiz of the long-established El Dúo Arenal entertained the fair crowd with hits from their 30-year career.

Also on Monday, San Pedro Mayor Ángeles Muñoz, accompanied by the deputy mayor, Javier García, and other town hall members posed for the official photo of the inauguration of the daytime fair. Muñoz emphasised the symbolism of the La Caridad estate as “a space recovered after the looting that took place in Marbella”.

“To hold a fair like this is not only a joy but also has a very important symbolic charge. If there was an image where you could see what had happened in Marbella, it was precisely here in the La Caridad estate, which we have been able to return to the municipal heritage with the support of all the neighbours. What better than to share it with all of them at this fair,” Muñoz said.