Marbella town hall has renewed its commitment to the Red Cross SUR
Marbella town hall and Red Cross renew homeless care agreement worth 440,000 euros

Marbella town hall and Red Cross renew homeless care agreement worth 440,000 euros

The council has also promised 28,000 euros to Cáritas to help vulnerable pregnant women

Joaquina Dueñas


Tuesday, 4 October 2022, 14:27


Marbella town hall has renewed agreements with the Red Cross and Cáritas to support the charities' programmes in the town. In the case of the Red Cross, the agreement grants 440,000 euros to guarantee assistance to the town’s homeless population.

The mayor Ángeles Muñoz said, "This is the most important aid agreement that we have signed with a social group." She stressed that the Red Cross "has great professionals to develop the service and offer an immediate response to these people who have a high degree of vulnerability,” and added, "The aim is that anyone who is in this situation receives the necessary and specialised attention to help them in everything they need.” Muñoz also said that the agreement will be maintained in next year's budget.

The president of the Red Cross, Susana Radío, said, "The continuity is great news and demonstrates the commitment of the council to continue helping the citizens who need the most help.” Radío went on to say, "We have attended to more than 450 people in this situation so far this year."

An agreement has also been signed with Cáritas for their programme that helps women in vulnerable situations who are pregnant. This year the amount allocated by the town hall is 28,000 euros, which "directly finances the activity carried out in the ‘Virgen Madre’ Shelter, as well as the supplies and the social integration work that is carried out", explained the representative of the organisation in Malaga, Francisco José Sánchez.

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