Meeting of Marbella town council / josele

Green light for council's Marbella promenade proposal despite some opposition

Political groups have also given the go ahead for the implementation of actions and strategies for the Costa del Sol town to become more 'pet friendly'


With the Partido Popular (PP) and Ciudadanos voting in favour and the PSOE and OSP abstaining, Marbella town hall has passed a proposal put forward by the PP to set back the section of the town's promenade from La Venus to El Ancón, and remove the sewage pipes and the pumping stations.

The motion calls on the central government to desist from "demolishing" part of Marbella's promenade and to declare it an area of public interest and it is "one of the great attractions of the town", according to Marbella’s mayor, Ángeles Muñoz.

Muñoz has also made this request in speeches in the national senate and has invited the minister for the sector, Teresa Ribera, to visit the promenade in person on up to twelve occasions. She has also urged the ministry to "resolve the allegations presented 15 months ago against an project which contemplates the occupation of three hotels, the disappearance of five beach bars, some of the houses and the demolition of more than 1,500 metres of the prom”.

The motion also requested that the Junta de Andalucía to hand over the promenade to the town hall for its conservation and maintenance.

This request is in line with what the president of the business association CIT Marbella, Juan José González, also asked the central government a few days ago, when he demanded "urgent and rational measures" that "do not modify the status quo".

However, Muñoz's approach has met with criticism from both the PSOE and the OSP. Councillor for San Pedro, Rafael Piña, has asked the mayor to be precise when explaining the ministry's project. Piña said that it does not involve demolition. "What I have seen is that there are more than five million euros for widening the promenade.

The PSOE spokesman, José Bernal, criticised Muñoz for not showing the same commitment in defending the stabilisation of Marbella's coastline when Mariano Rajoy was prime minister, despite the fact that "he was then in Congress and then in the Senate". Bernal also recalled the damage caused by the 2016 storm, which cost 28 million euros. "Of the 28 million euros, Marbella and San Pedro received 1,250 euros," he said, while adding that the PP's request means that "the execution of the breakwaters is paralysed".

Other projects

As well as the promenade, the government team has taken forward three motions for the remainder of the year, which will increase the budget for the promenade and residential areas conservation plan by 1.5 million euros and 446,000 euros for green areas. It will also enable 50,000 euros for Culture, 146,000 euros for sports sponsorship, 81,000 euros to be allocated to the replacement of environmental and beach infrastructures and another 114,000 euros for transport, among other amounts.

All political groups have given the green light for the implementation of actions and strategies for Marbella to become 'pet friendly'. The councillor for health, Enrique Rodríguez, pointed out that there are more than 40,000 registered animals in the town and stressed the importance of "being pioneers, as we were with the dog beaches, in promoting policies to attend to and incorporate pets into social life and for owners to see that they have access to a series of services". "Having this distinctive sign is an added value that can help us as a tourist destination," he added.