Marbella's Torre Real dunes / josele

Ecotourism group Produnas is looking for volunteers to help replant Marbella dunes

The association has announced the event will take place on Sunday, 30 January, after cancelling the one scheduled for last Tuesday due to rain


Marbella-based ecotourism association Produnas has organised a day of reforestation at the Torre Real dunes in Marbella for this Sunday, 30 January. The aim of the event is to recover native plant species in order to encourage the return of the fauna that normally lives within these ecosystems. The organisation has organised the new date after having to cancel the one scheduled for last Tuesday due to rain.

The activity will take place from 10am to 1pm and anyone interested can sign up in the events section of the Produnas website. The organisation hopes to attract volunteers to regenerate one of the most depleted dunes in the Marbella area. Produnas will provide all participants with gloves and the appropriate tools to carry out the work.

Since 2004 Produnas has been working for to preserve the unique eco-systems that exist in the dunes along the Costa del Sol. It promotes the protection of native flora and small wild fauna and encourages the recovery, rehabilitation and conservation of the biodiversity in Marbella's dunes.

Produnas also works in collaboration with other non-profit organisations, institutions, companies and schools, as well as individuals, who work to eradicate invasive species, seed collection and the cleaning and repopulation of the area’s dunes. They also run projects to raise public awareness of the environmental value and importance of biodiversity in this particular ecosystem, which is often adversely affected by human intervention.