The councillor for Town Planning, María Francisca Caracuel, explained the news about the recognition of SAFO accompanied by the mayor's spokesperson, Félix Romero. Josele
Procedures for owners of apartments and premises in irregular buildings in Marbella made easier

Procedures for owners of apartments and premises in irregular buildings in Marbella made easier

The town hall’s urban planning department has developed a series of instructions that complies with LISTA and relaxes the recognition of SAFO

Joaquina Dueñas


Tuesday, 25 April 2023, 14:59


Marbella town hall presented on Monday 24 April a list of instructions for adaptation to the Law of Impulse for the Sustainability of the Territory of Andalusia (LISTA) which facilitates the execution of works in homes and premises that are in buildings in an irregular situation.

Until now, detached or semi-detached houses built illegally had the possibility of carrying out reforms and improvement works thanks to the Situation Assimilated to Out of Order (SAFO) recognition. However, for the owners of apartments or premises in irregular buildings, the procedure was extended to the entire building, which made it difficult given the high costs involved or the requirement that all property owners in the building had to agree to the work.

Marbella’s urban planning councillor Maria Francisca Caracuel said "it is good news that will benefit thousands of owners who until now have been denied this possibility because those properties were not recognised as partially Assimilated Situation Out of Ordination (SAFO), a circumstance that changes because the Andalusian regulations are open to a more flexible interpretation that, thanks to the internal work that has been done by the town hall.”

Caracuel also pointed out that "to facilitate this new procedure, the owner only has to indicate the date of construction of the property and the town hall must also have final certificate of work to accredit the licence."

In addition, for the application of this partial SAFO, a specific standardised form has been created so that the procedure is as simple as possible for the user. The model is already in force and available on the town hall website so that applications can be made.

Marbella’s future urban plan (POU) will include these homes because "we start from the existing reality and not the previous plan," said Caracuel. As such the Urban Management Plan will incorporate these buildings. However, "many cannot wait for the POU to make the improvements they need," said the councillor, so they can take advantage of this new instruction to carry out their project.

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