Jakar was found and captured in a garden in the Las Chapas area of Marbella on 1 January. SUR
Potentially dangerous species of cat captured in Marbella garden

Potentially dangerous species of cat captured in Marbella garden

There were a number of reports of a lynx sighting, but it turned out to be a caracat that had disappeared on 1 January from its owner's house in Nueva Andalucía


Tuesday, 10 January 2023, 16:02


An escaped caracat - a hybrid between a caracal (or desert lynx) and an Abyssinian cat – was captured in the garden of a house in the Costabella area of Marbella last Friday 6 January, after it had escaped from its owner’s home in Nueva Andalucía on 1 January.

The owners of the house where the cat appeared called the authorities believing that they had spotted a lynx in their garden. However, it turned out to be a caracat, which is included in the catalogue of potentially dangerous domestic animals, according to a statement from Marbella town hall.

Jakar, weighing around 20 kilos, was first sighted the day it escaped, in Las Chapas, Marbella, about 20 kilometres away from its home. The 112 Andalusian emergency number received a call that a medium-sized animal - possibly a lynx - had been sighted.

Guardia Civil officers went to the scene and checked from the photographs taken by the caller that the feline was wearing a collar, confirming that it was a pet. However, by then the feline was nowhere to be seen.

Days later, a new call was received from the owners of the house whose garden the caracat had entered. They also reported that they believed they'd seen a lynx. The Guardia Civil went to the property and this time Jakar was still there. The officers alerted the municipal veterinary health team, who were able to capture the animal.

The caracat was taken to the El Paraíso animal shelter in Alhaurín de la Torre, where vets checked that it was in good health, while waiting for its owner to present all the relevant documentation in order to be able to take their pet home.

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