File image of a dangerous dog breed and photo of one of the victims after the attack (inset) / SUR

Dangerous breed dog bites vet and employee at Marbella animal shelter

The dog was in foster care after being taken away from its owner who didn’t have the correct licence

Juan Cano / Álvaro Frías

A dangerous dog breed animal has attacked and bitten a vet and an employee at a shelter in Marbella in two separate incidents in the last few weeks.

According to sources consulted by SUR, the animal had arrived at the shelter a few weeks ago after it was taken away from its owner, who did not have the correct licence to own a breed of dog which is classified as potentially dangerous (PPP) in Spain.

The same sources indicated that the dog was aggressive and had bitten the vet at the animal shelter a few weeks ago causing serious injuries as a result of the attack. In a second incident last week the dog bit an employee at the shelter on the leg.