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Parking in centre of Marbella set to get much cheaper, and this is how the scheme works

Parking in centre of Marbella set to get much cheaper, and this is how the scheme works

The local council and concessionary operator Telpark have come up with a discount system to dramatically reduce the daily rate for regular users in three town centre car parks

Andrea Jiménez


Wednesday, 13 September 2023, 18:03

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Parking in the centre of Marbella is about to get much cheaper from this month. The town hall and the concessionary company Telpark have agreed to slash the price per day in three car parks in the town centre to just 1.50 euros for 12 hours a day, if regular users sign up to the new scheme.

Discounts have been offered in recent years with the aim of promoting local shopping and businesses. "But the reduction this year is greater than last year, when the price was 2.50 euros," said the town's head of traffic and transport, Baldomero León.

The scheme will be in operation at the Mercado, Centro Marbella and Las Terrazas car parks and once registered and paid for the user access passes will be valid for two years, even on public holidays.

How do I apply for the discount scheme?

The first step is to download the Telpark mobile application. In the 'multipass' section you can choose from one of the Marbella three car parks included in the promotion. There are three options; 5, 10 and 20 uses.

You must fill in the details of the registration number and the model of car.

Once the vehicle has entered the car park, the 12 hours will start ticking down until the vehicle is removed. Only one entry and exit can be made for each use, so that if the vehicle is driven away and then parked in the car park a second time on the same day, one more use will be registered.

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