Socialist councillor José Bernal has called for a plan to tackle noise in Marbella j. d.
Call for 'immediate' action plan to tackle noise problems in Marbella

Call for 'immediate' action plan to tackle noise problems in Marbella

The socialist spokesperson José Bernal, will present a motion to the town hall identifying the most problematic areas

Joaquina Dueñas


Tuesday, 13 September 2022, 11:38


The spokesperson for Marbella’s socialist group, José Bernal, is to put forward a motion at the next council meeting, asking the town hall to implement an action plan to tackle noise pollution "immediately”.

The aim is to carry out a study of areas in the town with noise pollution problems, with a view to drawing up a ‘strategic noise map’.

In addition, Bernal has indicated that his group will ask "the municipal political groups with representation in the meeting to be informed of the noise complaints addressed to the town hall, as well as the proceedings initiated and sanctions imposed for this reason in the years 2019, 2020, 2021 and the course of 2022".

The councillor said: "Nowadays there is a greater public awareness of noise as it generates illnesses". He also considers that noise is "one of the main indicators for measuring the quality of life in a neighbourhood, town or city".


During this summer, several residents living near the Opium beach club have filed complaints due to excessive noise and in Marbella town centre the council ran an information campaign asking tourists to consider local residents. Bernal says that the creation of the noise map will help to detect other sensitive areas as well as highlight those that the town hall is already aware of.

“It is necessary to create this plan to be able to evaluate exposure to noise and make predictions in areas where there are different sources of noise that could upset the town’s residents," Bernal said.




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