Alejandro Freijo, economic development and employment advisor to Marbella town hall David Lerma
New programme for job seekers unveiled in Marbella

New programme for job seekers unveiled in Marbella

Problems faced by people in the Costa del Sol town include the seasonal nature of work and issues related to using technology for work. The Andalucía Orienta initiative aims to help them in their search for employment

David Lerma

Monday, 21 August 2023, 14:36


There are 7,886 registered unemployed people in Marbella according to data which includes July this year; the lowest figure in 14 years. Although the Andalusian Employment Service (SAE) is responsible for employment in Andalucía, town halls including Marbella and Estepona also provide help for local job seekers.

In Estepona, in addition to training courses aimed at recruiting companies looking for workers, the town hall has introduced a programme whereby users of the local Aprona association for people with disabilities, manage six of the town’s car parks and other towns including Benalmádena are looking into copying the model.

In Marbella, for the last five years, the annual spring job fair has been held at the Palacio de Congresos, when local, national and international companies looking to recruit new staff meet with potential employees. In March, 2,000 jobs were on offer and a further 8,000 positions within the Spanish armed forces needed filling. 5,000 people attended the event and all the offers of work were also published on the town hall’s employment portal.


Problems faced by jobseekers in Marbella include the seasonal nature of work and for the over-45s, issues related to using the internet for work. As such Marbella town hall has renewed the Andalucía Orienta programme for another year and has obtained a grant of 283,000 euros, "the maximum amount that could be applied for", explained Alejandro Freijo, advisor to the council’s economic development and employment department. The aim of this programme is to offer help and advice for people looking for work.

Freijo explained that "the aim of the programme is to accompany participants through a completely personalised journey that will allow them to increase their chances of accessing the labour market" and stressed that "through Andalucía Orienta we have direct contact with both job seekers and companies in the town, which we help in their recruitment processes".

In addition, he specified that "last year 1,474 people were assisted for 9,621 hours, with an average of more than five hours per user" and detailed that 60 per cent were women and 40 were men, while more than 60 per cent were over 45 years old.

Finally, Freijo indicated that those interested in seeking advice through Andalucía Orienta can go to the employment office, located in Marbella’s Calle José Iturbi, and in San Pedro Alcántara on the ground floor of the Elena Benítez pavilion, or make an appointment via the employment department’s phone number.

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