The investments aim to guarantee the local economy. Josele
Marbella's driving force

Marbella's driving force

Construction projects approved by the local council involve a budget of almost 16 million euros

Joaquina Dueñas

Friday, 3 March 2023, 13:52

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Marbella council has recently given the green light to a total of 17 projects for works involving a budget of almost 16 million euros, the council spokesperson, Félix Romero, explained at a recent press conference.

Romero said that the town hall has granted a permit for the basic project for the construction of three multi-family buildings with a total of 45 homes in Los Altos de Los Monteros, which will have an investment of more than 10.1 million euros.

The council also gave the go-ahead for five licences for luxury single-family homes, most of them with swimming pools, in the areas of Cortijo Blanco and the Los Ángeles development, both in San Pedro Alcántara, with an investment of more than 3.3 million euros.

The council has also issued another eleven licences for minor works totalling 2.4 million euros , «which range from reforms to the construction of pergolas or the modification of plots of land, among others.,» Romero explained.

The spokesperson placed special emphasis on the relevance of these figures, describing them as «important amounts that are injected into the municipal economy» and which «provides work for the inhabitants of this municipality», he added. «In short, they are very important investments which also have a return in terms of taxes as they are subject to the four per cent tax on constructions,» he added. Romero said that these investments «guarantee the vigour of the local economy». «We can talk about ten million euros of investment on average per week in building permits and urban development execution», which means «540 million euros of investment per year in private works alone,» he said.

Marbella's planning is currently based on the 1986 PGOU (General Urban Development Plan) and is in the process of drawing up its new urban planning. «We can expect that over the course of next year, once the new plan is approved, the volume of investment and movement in urban planning will increase,» said the council spokesperson.

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