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Marbella woman arrested for trying to strangle her flatmate after fridge food theft argument

The row broke out when the other tenant accused her of having stolen food


They didn’t find living togteher easy and there were often arguments but last Friday, 1 April, things got out of hand when a woman allegedly tried to strangle her flatmate who had accused her of stealing food from the fridge.

The police received a phone call around 7.15pm from a woman who said she was renting an apartment in her house to two women, and that one of them was trying to stab the other. One tenant is 38 years old and the other a 20-year-old with a baby daughter.

When the police arrived at the property they were met by the landlady, who took them into the bedroom of the older tenant, who was unresponsive and extremely pale but with red marks on her neck. The officers placed her in the recovery position and called an ambulance, but before it arrived the woman regained consciousness and was able to tell the police her version of events. When the ambulance arrived, she was taken to a medical centre for treatment.

Stealing food

After talking to the younger woman and the landlady, the police investigation determined that there had been an argument, in which the older tenant had accused her flatmate of stealing her food from the fridge. In response, the younger woman is said to have punched her several times and hit her on the head with an umbrella with a metal point. Then she allegedly hurled herself at the other woman, grabbed her round the neck with both hands and squeezed until she lost consciousness.

The landlady, who was there at the time, tried to intervene and managed to stop the attack, but by then the victim was completely immobile.

Attempted murder

The police arrested the young woman for attempted murder and she appeared in court the next day. She was released from custody but was banned from approaching her flatmate and may not go within 200 metres of the home they had been sharing.

The court is now waiting for a forensic report to determine whether the woman’s life had been in danger, in which case she will be tried for attempted murder instead of causing injury.