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Marbella thanks 16 million bus passengers with iPhone raffle

Marbella thanks 16 million bus passengers with iPhone raffle


Participants must be registered on the town hall 'padrón', have a Municipal Mobility Card and use the service between 23 February and 10 March

David Lerma


Friday, 24 February 2023

Marbella town hall and Grupo Avanza, the company that manages the town's buses are to raffle off an iPhone to thank the passengers after announcing that 16 million people have used the service.

Speaking at a recent council meeting, the councillor for the area Enrique Rodríguez stressed that the introduction of a free service for residents on the town hall register (padrón), through the Municipal Mobility Card in 2019 «has meant a saving of more than 15 million euros for residents after the pandemic, as well as a pioneering measure whose continuity will be guaranteed for the next two years.»

This initiative, according to the councillor, also contributes to sustainability, as the town has reduced its CO2 emissions by more than 651 tonnes per year. Rodríguez announced that «through the campaign '16 milliones de gracias' we want to thank passengers, so there will be a raffle of an iPhone 13 to celebrate.»

More buses and routes

Rodríguez specified that «free travel, with more than 75,000 cards issued, has seen a 143 per cent increase in users, which means that it has tripled compared to 2018, going from 2.3 million passengers in 2018 to 5.6 million in 2022. But these good results have also been achieved by continuously improving the service, with the entire urban transport network currently covering more than two million kilometres per year, which is 63 percent more than in 2018.» He added that the routes have been extending, covering a greater area of the town.

The councillor also pointed out that the number of routes has increased from eight before 2019 to 11 in that year and to 14 now, as well as the fact that more service is provided, with 35 per cent more journeys, from 115,505 to 156,088 a year. He added that the fleet had gone up from eight in 2019 to 14 now.

Rodríguez explained that anyone who travels on one of the town's buses between 23 February and 10 March inclusive can take part and will need to fill in the participation form available on the website or by scanning one of the QR codes on the buses. Participants may only register once.

He explained that those interested must be registered on the town hall's padrón and have an active Municipal Mobility Card. The winner will be announced once it has been verified that they travelled on one of the buses between the aforementioned dates.



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