Town mayor Ángeles Muñoz presenting the Marbella brand in China. SUR
Marbella mayor heads to China to seek out more high-spending tourists and investors ahead of major conference in 2025

Marbella mayor heads to China to seek out more high-spending tourists and investors ahead of major conference in 2025

The Costa del Sol town is set to host the fifteenth Congress of the World Tourism Cities Federation (WTCF), a Beijing-based organisation that operates internationally, with 245 members from 86 countries

María Albarral


Thursday, 28 March 2024, 06:41


Mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, has travelled to China to present the new Marbella brand image and at the same time seek out tourists and investors interested in the area ahead of the fifteenth Congress of the World Tourism Cities Federation (WTCF) which the Costa del Sol town is to host in May 2025.

The Beijing-based WTCF organisation operates internationally and has 245 members from 86 countries (164 cities and 81 institutional and corporate members)."The event will bring together leading premium tour operators and will strengthen our international positioning," said the mayor at a meeting with the organisation.

The Chinese are among the tourists with the highest purchasing power and those who spend the most on their holiday destinations, which makes them an important target for tourist destinations. Furthermore, the exponential growth of the Asian giant means that promotional activities are increasingly focused on the country.

A unique place

"Thanks to its excellent offer, Marbella is the ideal town to become the European destination of reference for the Chinese market", said the mayor, adding, "We want to continue working with the aim of continuing to publicise our attractions that position us as a unique place.”

During her visit the mayor met with premium travel agencies and the media at an event organised by CTRIP, the largest tour operator in China, with which the town hall has initiated a partnership to develop promotional campaigns in the region.

Muñoz stressed that reaching this objective "has been the result of hard work between the town hall and the private sector to keep moving forward, to be at the forefront and continue to meet the expectations of all those who visit us and who, in most cases, return".

Best European Destination award

She also emphasised the fact that "Marbella's attractions and the current situation have led us to be recognised as the Best European Destination to visit in 2024". She went on to say, "European Best Destination is not just another award, it is the most important one and is awarded in the European Union because it is the result of the shared opinion of travellers, tourism professionals and the media.”

Muñoz added that Marbella “offers a unique experience, a sea of sensations, which have led thousands of internet users, 84 percent of them from outside our country, to place us at the top of the podium, ahead of Monaco and Malta".

"We are a benchmark in Europe, a recognised and booming destination in the American market and with deep-rooted links with the Middle East, and we also want to be the tourist and investment destination for the Asian market, where China is undoubtedly the leader in the sector,” commented Muñoz.

Further meetings

She explained that the town has been a member of the WTC since 2021 with the aim of positioning Marbella as the number one destination for Chinese tourists and investors.

In addition to the meeting with the deputy secretary of the WTCF, Yan Han, the mayor held meetings in the Chinese city of Guangzhou with the chief councillor of the Guangzhou Chamber of Commerce, Jaime Lorenzo; with the Consul General of Spain in Guangzhou, a province with more than 120 million inhabitants, Eduardo Alonso Luengo, and with the councillor for tourism of Turespaña in Guangzhou, Ana La Fuente.

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