The town hall has started to put the flowerpots in place in El Barrio SUR
Marbella goes potty

Marbella goes potty

Five hundred blue flowerpots will adorn the El Barrio neighbourhood as part of a plan that extends across the town

Joaquina Dueñas


Monday, 23 January 2023, 15:26


The streets of El Barrio in Marbella, most of which are pedestrianised and still retain a very Andalusian feel, are set to get 500 flowerpots thanks to a town hall plan for the area to retain its traditional look.

The flowerpots will cover a 3,300-square-metre area and the project is the result of a consensus between the town hall’s parks and gardens department, the West district and local residents.

Diego López, councillor for Parks and Gardens, said, "The same decoration is being used as in the town centre, as part of an initiative to homogenise the historic districts of the town". Matte blue containers have been used between Calle Málaga and Avenida Severo Ochoa to achieve the traditional look.

Traditional houses

López went on to say, "The aim is to make El Barrio much more beautiful and attractive than it is" and specified that the containers will be located in Calles Sagunto, Río, San Cristóbal, San Ramón, Luna, Lucero and Sol, all of which are home to traditional Andalusian houses made of lime, tiles and wooden beams.

López thanked the residents of El Barrio for their involvement in the project and said, "We are continuing with the project in all of the town’s neighbourhoods, as we have been doing in the Calles Nuestra Señora de Gracia, Virgen del Pilar, Postigo, Santo Domingo and as we are currently doing in Avenida del Trapiche.”

The president of the El Barrio residents' association thanked the town hall for its contribution and said, "This is a part of the historic centre and, furthermore, among the local residents there are elderly people who cannot afford to pay for this.”

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